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Earth Day Season @ Somerset House

Earth Day 2019 falls on the 22nd April, and Somerset House is hosting two weeks of exhibitions and events to celebrate, provoke and explore the nature of our relationship to the planet. Library of Change is joining the amazing line-up of artists to offer two workshops on the 27th April - see you there!


Library of Change Exchange

Saturday 27th April, 1pm, Seaman's Hall Somerset House

The Library of Change Exchange will facilitate discussions about insights gathered from the Earth Day exhibits and the books that have inspired them. How does art provoke feelings and perspective shifts around climate change, and what moves us to act? What is it that motivates and sustains change? Bring your thoughts, questions and images, and leave with a sense of clarity and purpose.


Climate Apothecary

Saturday 27th April, 1 - 5pm, Seaman's Hall Somerset House

Drop by the Library of Change Apothecary to receive an 'antidote’ for your climate mood. We’ll be unpacking the subtle and complex emotions that the climate emergency provokes together, and offering prescriptions of quotes, poems, books and other soul-food to heal and navigate uncertainty. Tell us how you feel, and we will share some inspiration. Drop by or tweet us @libraryofchange!


Stories of Change Workshop

Saturday 27th April, 2.30pm, Seaman's Hall Somerset House

What's the role of storytelling in change? What happens when we become active in shaping the narrative of our lives? Take our Tiny Book challenge to write a story that matters to you in these wild times of transition. The workshop will kick off with a Q&A with the wonderful wordsmith, poet and climate justice campaigner, Selina Nwulu.

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