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Let's Stick Together Finale

Throughout the first half of 2021, we collaborated with the artist Emily Tracy and our creative producer Sarah Cuddon on the community collage project LET’S STICK TOGETHER. Working online with participants from Bromley by Bow Centre as well as Holborn and participants across the country, Let’s Stick Together became a way to discuss and sit with where we were all at (at times ‘at sea’ as per Line Langebek’s poem for the workshops) whilst we collaged images and discussed sounds. Later, Sarah Cuddon produced podcasts from conversations with the Bromley By Bow participants (listen here). Postcards were printed from the many collages made – over 40 different designs – also containing a QR code for the podcasts and for participants to send onwards to family and friends that they might not have seen for a long time.

On Thursday the 11 November 2021, Bromley by Bow hosted an opening of the exhibition of collages made by participants plus other art projects. The exhibition ‘A Year Apart’ will run throughout December and postcard prints of the collages are also still available to pick up free of charge from the café or they can be posted out, if you contact Emily Tracy or Library of Change.

Many of the participants reported of the joy of collaging, a liberation from the usual pressure of creating or a first-time way of expressing what they were experiencing. For our country-wide participants, some joined in together with a parent, a way to connect online even if you couldn’t be in the same space. The results, both in terms of collages, podcasts, and conversations (not recorded) were beautiful.


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