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Letters to the Earth: Letters in Lockdown

In response to the #CultureDeclares call out for Letters in Lockdown responding to the Covid-19 crisis, Line Langebek writes...


Are the plants still growing?


We're writing this from different lockdowns,

Calling out to each other and to you,

to humanity within and around us

standing on balconies or by open windows

if we're lucky enough to have either

are you singing a song for us now?


These past weeks I've been crawling along the edge of my mind,

swimming through the water of my dreams

looking up into the canopies of an imaginary forest

whilst watering every tiny green plant I own

and whispering to them: please grow, grow

are you showing us how to let live, now?


Was there I ever a time when I went so long without

the green, the water, the fresh air on my cheeks

and if we didn't know it before, we know it now,

if we didn't want to hear the message before, maybe we'll hear it now

how did we forget? is the question we must ask

are you slowing down time for us now?


My little one never forgot

too young to unlearn it,

and feeling it now, hard on her body, craving the wind

Can't we sit outside, yes I know it's cold mama,

but I'll wear a jumper, I just want to be outside, please

are you home schooling us all now?


Home learning for the world

The schools send us all lesson suggestions

but it's the adults who need new plans

even whilst the fires were burning and the oceans rising

we wouldn't listen

are you teaching us a lesson now?


We watch outside life on the screen

the little one bangs the pot with her wooden spoon

the only music she can play with the entire street

whilst those we're playing for

work hours so long they cannot hear us

paying a price nobody should pay

are we learning fast enough now?


Sitting with the unknown

today is a day of rest, tomorrow it begins again

there is no other now but this moment

and the little one digs her hands into the pots of soil

whispering to the plants too

we don't know when but one day they'll bear flowers

Remember we are all family, she says.

My friend on the other side, are the plants growing?


Line Langebek is co-founder of Library of Change. She is a screenwriter, translator and lecturer. She's passionate about using stories as a way to initiate change and is one of the founders of Raising Films, which campaigns for equal opportunities for parents and carers and a more diverse film and TV industry. She is also a member of the @TheWritersGuild Film Committee, campaining for screenwriters' rights.

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