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Library of Change is a live and online platform to creatively connect people with agency to make a difference in the world.


Culture has always played a huge role in personal, social and global change. It's deeply connected to our beliefs, values and sense of purpose, and many of us can recall turning points in our lives that were catalysed by it. 


Through books, art and cultural experiences, we explore our relationship to change, provide soul food for change makers and in turn ask them to fuel others by sharing what that has inspired them to make the world a better place.  


Through writing, Exchanges and workshops, we empower people to creatively connect with their own sense of agency to make a difference. 


Like libraries throughout time, Library of Change is a space where anyone can participate and contribute, regardless of background and expertise. 



Share a book or work of art that's had an impact on your life and work.

Who We Are

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Line Langebek
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Line is a screenwriter, translator and lecturer. She's passionate about using stories as a way to initiate change and is one of the founders of Raising Films, which campaigns for equal opportunities for parents and carers and a more diverse film and TV industry. She is also a member of the @TheWritersGuild Film Committee, campaining for screenwriters' rights.

Sholeh Johnston
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Sholeh is a creative consultant, facilitator and writer passionate about how creativity can overcome social and environmental challenges, and help us lead more connected and meaningful lives.

She is editor of CultureWatch @SufiJournal and Associate @JuliesBicycle.

Sarah Cuddon

Sarah is a radio producer whose work has been broadcast across the BBC networks and on international strands. She also loves making podcasts and other creative audio adventures.

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