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Let's Stick Together Podcast: The Calm before the Storm

'Let’s stick together’ explored the process of collage, using found image and sound, and how it might reflect our lives currently. It has been a collaboration between visual and participatory artist Emily Tracy and writer Line Langebek & radio producer Sarah Cuddon from ‘Library of Change’, working with The Bromley By Bow Centre and The Rotherhithe Picture Library, plus public sessions with participants from all over the country

These meetings will result in a ‘Mail Art’ project, sending out 500 postcards that invite each recipient to ‘Please forward’. Each card will share jointly created images and link to short sound pieces in podcast format, reflecting on stories, sound and interviews.

These podcasts are a collage of sound and interviews with the Bromley By Bow Centre participants.

The full poem by Line Langebek that has been used as extracts in the podcasts can be read below.

Let's Stick together has been supported by Arts Council England.

THE IDIOM FORECAST They say it’s always darkest before dawn And there’s a calm before the storm But what if the quiet feels like a hurricane in itself and Between the rock and the hard place is the only spot You’ve got to weather your lot? Everyone’s at sea They say, we’re all On thin ice here, stumbling forward blindly But I wonder, can you be snowed under If you’re all up in the air? There isn’t a perfect storm, dear Nobody’s right as rain But this boat they say we’re all in, you in yours and I in mine It’s not the same, it’s not the same and Let’s not push it out just yet Let’s weather the weather Together


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