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Podcast: Library of Change Exchange 03

Our Exchange events are intimate opportunities for people involved in and interested in social, cultural and environmental change to come together and share what's inspired them and made them think recently. It's a book club where everyone brings something different, where intellectual stimulation is coupled with space for us to connect and find communal ground.

For the third Library of Change Exchange we asked our guests to bring a book/books that spoke to them on the theme of 'Resistance'. This could be interpreted widely - from resistance in social and political movements, to personal experiences of resistance.

The theme provoked an evening full of more questions than answers, and honest conversations that traversed rock and roll, Brexit, freedom, courage and feminism. The podcast distills some of our favourite moments, and our reading list is snapped below!

Library of Change Exchange 02 was produced by the wonderful Sarah Cuddon, with music by Cabinet of Living Cinema.

#Exchange #BookClub #Resistance #Politics

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