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Podcast: Selina Nwulu on Loneliness and Climate Justice

Selina Nwulu is a writer, essayist and social researcher with a focus on social and environmental justice, education and global politics. Earlier this year she released a new series of poems commissioned by Somerset House for Earth Day 2019 on loneliness and climate change, a powerful exploration of what it means to belong and find meaning in the city at a time of climate crisis. In our latest podcast, Library of Change co-founder, Sholeh, caught up with her to learn more about her writing process, the ideas behind her 'loneliness' series, and her thoughts on the intersection between climate breakdown and social justice.

This podcast was produced by the wonderful Sarah Cuddon, with music by Cabinet of Living Cinema.

#Loneliness #Belonging #ClimateBreakdown #ClimateChange #Poetry #SocialJustice #ClimateJustice

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